• Deep Synth: Audio Samples

    Hear for yourself.

  • LED Cubes — Mine and Others

    “My God, it's full of stars!”

  • Deep Synth: Polyphony

    I wanted Deep Synth to be polyphonic. So I started planning how to share voices among notes.

  • Deep Synth: Playing Notes

    Deep Synth needed to play more than one note.

  • An aside on SoundScope

    This audio visualizer is militantly anti-feature. That's why I like it.

  • Deep Synth: Mimicking Deep Note

    To make a synth that sounds like Deep Note, first I need to understand Deep Note.

  • Deep Synth: Audio Rework

    It took three tries to get the audio right on the 1UP.

  • Deep Synth: Introduction

    Let's make a playable instrument that sounds like the THX Deep Note. And let's do it on an experimental handheld game console. Because why not?

  • Stupid LACK Stack Hack

    Classic algorithm applied to a 3D printer enclosure

  • Minimum Viable Synth: Audio Units

    The Minimum Viable Synth was first implemented as a softsynth. Since I had a Mac on my desk, I looked at Apple’s Audio Units.