• check-git finds dirty git repositories

    Do you have hundreds of git repositories on your laptop? Have you ever wondered how many useful bits of code you’ve forgotten to check in? check-git is here to answer that question.

  • I made this drum machine.

    In early May, I made this drum machine in three days. It came out pretty well for such a quick hack.

  • Rack Hacks: Tilting the Amp

    The amp didn’t fit in the mixer rack, so I designed and printed a spacer to tilt it. 3D printers are still awesome.

  • 'Blog Automation

    I’m writing a little tool to help with the workflow of writing a Jekyll ‘blog.

  • Introduction

    It was a dark and stormy night. He perched atop his doghouse, paws poised above the ancient Underwood. He realized he formed a perfect lightning rod, but he had a task to complete. His paw hit the first key…